420 For Trauma

There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds

About Us

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The 420fortrauma.com created to help reduce the sufferings of trauma patients who experienced traumatic incidence. We are fond of watching wars. During our spare time, we watch films. The last movie that we watched catch our attention on how traumatic the war was. Due to our curiosity, we gather some information about trauma and Post-Traumatic Disorder. At first, we focus on medication for trauma. The medicines for the trauma is not yet developed.

As a result, we researched the treatment of people suffering from trauma. Our team is aiming for giving the people an alternative option to alleviate the symptoms. We come upon this study, about how medical marijuana can treat trauma patients. We’ve researched the potential healing ability of cannabis and also the adverse effect that we may get on it.

All of the drugs can be harmful to you when it is not used well. Medical marijuana is well-known for treating anxiety even before. One of the symptoms of having trauma is the anxiety and cannabis is a herbal drug that can also manage other illnesses. It is fascinating that after several years of discussion about its legalization, they’ve finally realized that this plant can help people a lot. Well, let’s see if this medical marijuana can be legalized not only in the United States but the world as well.

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