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There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds

Different Types of Trauma: Physical vs Psychological

Different Types of Trauma: Physical vs Psychological

Trauma can be either a physical or psychological trauma. Some people have different perception about trauma. Some patients with trauma can experience acute or chronic trauma attacks. Dangerous past experiences and traumatic events can cause trauma. The prevalence of traumatic encounter differs from each gender. They occur based on how you were treated during your childhood. Trauma starts during childhood due to the physical and emotional abuse they experience from irresponsible parents.

Women and men during childhood can experience various kind of violence. Some abuse can be through words like swears and insults. Swears and insults can deal psychological impact on a child.

Physical Trauma 101

Physical trauma occurs due to severe injuries by blunt force or penetrating force. Blunt force injuries can be due to accidents with a force that strikes the body. Blunt force injuries can cause concussions, sprain, and broken bones. Penetrating trauma is the result of a sharp object that can pierce your body. This kind of injury usually results in an open wound. Some events like surgery can cause a physical trauma also known as controlled injury.  There are factors that play a significant role in identifying a trauma. Inflammation is a crucial factor for understanding and healing the wounds in your body. Moreover, your body’s internal organs suffer significantly due to physical injuries.

Accidents That Cause Trauma

Some people are more vulnerable to experiencing physical trauma especially those people who work with large types of machinery. However, there are accidents that can lead to severe physical injury. Road accidents like motor crashes, car collisions, and pedestrian casualties are common events that cause physical trauma. These kinds of traumatic events can deal a severe and life-threatening experience to a victim.

Physical trauma can be categorized depending on the severity, the location, and the number of injuries you encounter. Due to physical trauma, you can face some serious complications like infections, organ failures, and hemorrhage. If you suffer from traumatic physical events, a medical expert will perform first aid on the spot before transferring you to a hospital.

Psychological Trauma 101

Trauma can either deal a psychological blow or physical impact depending on how you cope with a traumatic event. Traumatic events can be a stressful encounter that can affect your ability to understand the situation. Your emotions are more prone to heighten during a traumatic event. If your mind is overwhelmed by the surge of negative emotions, it can deal a severe impact in your brain. Mental traumatic experience can affect your sanity and bodily solidarity.

You can experience extreme fear especially fear for death, psychosis, and mutilation. Psychological traumatic patients usually experience severe anxiety attacks. There are events that can cause a severe psychological blow to your brain.

Accidents That Causes Psychological Trauma

Psychological trauma usually affects your emotions and understanding. Some traumatic events that can lead to psychological trauma can be either natural or human-made events. Natural traumatic events are disasters that occur in nature like tornadoes, earthquakes, typhoons, and fires. These natural occurrences can be severe and life-threatening that can alleviate negative emotions in your mind.

Human-made traumatic events can be interpersonal or act of violence. Interpersonal traumatic events usually consist of sexual abuse, child violence, and loss of someone important. Some acts of violence induce fear in your mind especially terrorism, armed robbery, and war. These kinds of traumatic encounters can put stress in your emotions and sanity.

The Difference of Physical Trauma and Psychological Trauma

Physical and psychological trauma can be life-threatening that can induce fear and worry in your brain. Physical trauma is more prone to open wounds, fractures, and organ failures, while psychological trauma can cause anxiety and depression. Moreover, the two types of trauma can be prevalent based on gender, especially psychological trauma.

Psychological trauma is more frequent in women than men due to acts of interpersonal abuse like sexual and child abuse. Physical injury can also increase the risk of developing psychological trauma especially when it is a life-threatening accident. However, physical and mental trauma can be similar in its duration. The two types of trauma can be short-term or long-term depending on how you can cope with traumatic events.

In the final analysis, physical trauma and psychological trauma can be acute or chronic depending on how you handle your traumatic experience. Physical trauma is categorized into two types, the blunt force trauma and penetrating injury. Psychological traumatic events are differentiate depending on your traumatic experience. It can be interpersonal abuse or acts of violence. However, physical trauma can develop a psychological trauma especially due to life-threatening events like road traffic accidents.

There are factors that can help with identifying what kind of traumatic encounter you experience. Moreover, these factors play a crucial role in knowing the right way of treating your trauma. You should seek assistance from a medical expert to help you regulate and heal your physical or psychological trauma.

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